ReRack is a synthetic rubber coating for dishwasher rack repair.


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Vinyl Rack Repair

Consumers have been asking Plasti Dip International for a dishwasher rack repair for years and now it’s available in a 1-oz brush on bottle. The flexible, specialty rubber coating exhibits excellent adhesion to dishwasher and other vinyl coated racks. ReRack is ideal for touching up rusted and damaged dishwasher racks and eliminating the transfer of rust onto dishes. This high-strength formula is heat and water resistant, will not peel or pop off during high water pressure washes, and will bond to most pre-coated vinyl wire racks including: shower caddies, wire closet / shoe organizers, and draining racks. ReRack synthetic rubber coating will last and provide protection for years. Available in 1-oz Brush-In-Cap carded. Learn more by reading the ReRACK brochure below.

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If you have any questions about ReRACK, Plasti Dip, or any of our other home solutions, call or email us today.  We’ll gladly help you out.  Feel free to share any of your unique uses for our DIY products, too! Our FAQ can help you learn more about our home products.  Don’t forget to find a retailer or distributor near you to purchase ReRACK from.


Available Colors

  • 1 oz. brush-in-cap bottle
ReRACK Brochure (.pdf)
ReRACK MSDS (.pdf)
ReRACK synthetic rubber coating for dishwasher rack repair.
Apply ReRACK synthetic rubber coating to pre-coated vinyl wire racks.

Coat drain and shoe racks

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