Got Them New Color Plasti Dip Black & Blues No. 2 in E Minor

Although we’ve added a number of new, ready-made colors to the Plasti Dip lineup over the past year or so, some Plasti Dip aficionados have still been singing the Blues Before Sunrise. Well, maybe not “singing the blues” so much as “inquiring about the possibility of additional colors.” Specifically, they’re wondering How Many More Years until we create new variations of our blue and black colors.

Currently, we offer original Plasti Dip in a fairly standard blue color, as well as Blaze Blue. And black Plasti Dip is, you know, black. Plasti Dip Smoke is kind of black-ish, I guess. Great as they are, though, they’re not quite right for every taste or every project, and Plasti Dippers have told us “I Can’t Be Satisfied with just these colors.” With that in mind, I’m Ready to present three ALL NEW Plasti Dip black and blue hues!

New Plasti Dip Colors! Flex Blue, Black Cherry, and  Black & BlueThis photo shows, from top to bottom, our new Flex Blue, Black Cherry, and Black & Blue Plasti Dips. The blocks on the left show the new colors à la carte, while the blocks on the right have been given a coat of Glossifier to make ‘em all shiny-like. And we’re not Messin’ Around when we say that all three new varieties look better than Smokestack Lightnin’ when used with Plasti Dip Metalizers and our other Enhancers.

You won’t have to express your new-color Love In Vain for too long—Black & Blue, Flex Blue, and Black Cherry Plasti Dips will be available at the end of February. You can get them from the hardware and home improvement centers, auto retailers, and online stores where you buy our other Performix Brand products, or contact one of our distributors to track ‘em down in Sweet Home Chicago or wherever you hang your hat.

Our new colors will chase your Cross Road Blues away and open a world of new possibilities. What will you do with Black Cherry, Black & Blue, and/or Flex Blue Plasti Dip? Tell us about your ideas via Twitter and/or Facebook, and, once you’ve got your hands on some, be sure to share your photos! We dig hearing about All Your Love for Plasti Dip and seeing the cool projects Plasti Dip enthusiasts create.

Until next time, I believe I’ll Dust My Broom.*

* You may have guessed as much, but “Dust My Broom” and the other seemingly-erroneously capitalized words in this post are titles of classic blues songs. Give ‘em a listen sometime—it’s good stuff!

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Nothing Says “Love” Like Plasti Dip. Wait, What?!?

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast, gang. Did you remember to pick something up for your significant other? If you’re looking for something a little different this year, or are stumped for ideas, may I humbly suggest good ol’ Plasti Dip?

It may not be as “traditional” as flowers or candy in a heart-shaped box, but Plasti Dip sure is a heck of a lot more useful. Flowers wilt and die, and candy doesn’t last long, either: with Plasti Dip, your special someone can create a unique DIY project that will last forever.* Giving him or her an excuse to indulge his or her creative/crafty/handy side is a great gift for any holiday!

Pink Plasti Dip Rims

Or, you can use Plasti Dip as a component of a Valentine’s gift to your guy or gal. Maybe offer to give his or her car pink or red wheels—just for the day, or, if they like it, permanently. Or surprise them with a set of stenciled lips on the hood of their car for a one-of-a-kind V-Day surprise. The car gets a smooch, and, unless you really botch it, you’ll probably get a plethora of them yourself!

Plasti Dip is available in several Valentine’s Day-ready colors, like red, Blaze Pink, and Red Metalizer. And, of course, there’s always the Create Your Color Kit, with which you can mix up any heartfelt hue you wish.**

So, while Plasti Dip may not be the most traditional Valentine’s gift you can give, remember that “traditional” often equals “boring.” Shake things up this year*** with Plasti Dip—no matter how you use it, it’s sure to make this one a Valentine’s Day to remember.

Got a Valentine’s-themed Plasti Dip project of your own? Share your story and photos via Twitter or Facebook—we’d love to hear all about it!

* Maybe not forever forever, but, you know…
** Perhaps you and your best guy/best gal find periwinkle to be a more Valentine’s-appropriate color. Who are we to judge? Go crazy!
*** Literally and figuratively, if you’re purchasing the aerosol variety.

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“Winter is coming,” you say, Ned Stark? Well, while the season doesn’t officially change until December 21, the snow on the ground and the chilly temperatures tell this astute observer that winter is already here. And though the changing of the weather makes plenty of other things worse (driving, for example), it does allow for several fun activities that you just can’t do any other time of year: skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and, of course, snowmobiling.

Plasti Dip is a fantastic way to upgrade your snowmobile before you hit the snowy non-streets. If you’re looking for a strictly cosmetic upgrade, Plasti Dip’s plethora of colors makes it easy to give your sled a whole new look. You can test out new all-over color schemes, graphic designs, or patterned looks*. You can Dip your snowmobile’s suspension arms in one color, its steering shafts another color, the spindles a third, etc. The possibilities are all but endless, and if doesn’t look quite right, simply peel the Plasti Dip off and start anew.

Its good looks aren’t the only thing Plasti Dip brings to the party, however. Its unique physical properties can also help you get more out of your snowmobiling experience. Plasti Dip can protect your sled from scratches and dings, taking the damage itself while leaving the paint underneath unscathed. A quick re-spray with Plasti Dip is far more cost-effective than getting your whole snowmobile repainted. Plasti Dip also offers corrosion and (with thicker coats) impact protection, as well as a unique, rubbery grip**. And, it’s been tested and proven in temperatures as low as -30°F, so unless you’re super hardcore, you’ll be good to go out in the cold.

Some might say that Plasti Dip won’t be able to hold up to the rough-and-tumble of snowmobiling, but fear not! With a base coat of Plasti Dip Primer, spray and/or aerosol Plasti Dip will grip your sled better and stronger. Please keep in mind, however, that Primer-ed Plasti Dip is much harder to remove, and Plasti Dip Primer is not removable at all. So be sure you like the look and color you’re going to add!

If you’re concerned that the matte finish of Plasti Dip won’t look as sleek on your sled as its paint, just add a little Plasti Dip Glossifier. It’ll give your Plasti Dip creation a glossy look that rivals any “traditional” paint job.

And, Plasti Dip International has a lot more to offer for your snowmobiling needs than just Plasti Dip. There’s VLP to help you patch up rips and tears in your sled’s seat (or your riding jacket), Liquid Tape to assist with wiring and other DIY electrical repairs, and much more. Visit for more info on all our outstanding Performix® Brand products.

Have at it, Plasti Dip and snowmobile aficionados! We’d love to see the cool Plasti Dip looks you come up with for your sleds, so please share your photos and stories via Twitter and Facebook. And stay safe out there on the trails—Plasti Dip might have 1,001 uses, but it does nothing for a broken leg!

* Somebody please do an entire snowmobile in plaid!
** Though, like anything, it can become quite slippery when covered in snow.

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Plasti Dip & The Amazing Profitable Arts & Crafts

By now, you know that Plasti Dip is fantastic for all kinds of arts and crafts projects. I know I’ve seen hundreds of cool crafts that people have made, thanks to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and the like. And I’ve certainly written about it plenty of times on this very blog.

BUT! Plasti Dip is not relegated to only at-home arts and crafts. Plenty of talented artists and/or entrepreneurs who sell their wares commercially have used our one-of-a-kind specialty rubber coating as part of their products. It’s so gosh darn versatile, it might actually be harder to find a project you COULDN’T use it on/in.

use Plasti Dip to prevent crafts from scratching surfaces

image courtesy of Amie B.

A prime example: Amie B, creator of Lil’ Plates of Wisdom. Her handmade, earthenware clay plates make excellent soap dishes, ring dishes, spoon rests “or whatever your […] heart desires.” Each one features words of wisdom and/or wit on the top, and good ol’ Plasti Dip on the bottom! The Plasti Dip is added to each plate’s “feet” to make them non-slip and to prevent them scratching the surfaces on which they’re placed.

use Plasti Dip to prevent crafts from scratching surfaces

image courtesy of Amie B.

Surely* there are plenty of you who make a living (or at least a little extra cash) selling homemade, handmade arts and crafts that use Plasti Dip in some fashion. Let us know via the above-mentioned social media—we’d love to hear your stories and see some pics of your work. We never tire of seeing the amazing projects people cook up using Plasti Dip. Heck, your work might even be featured on our blog.

Wouldn’t that be swell?

* Don’t call me Shirley.**
** Apparently, I am physically incapable of NOT making that “joke” any time the opportunity presents itself. Sorry.

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Color Me Enhanced!

It’s hard to believe it’s already been two years since we debuted our Plasti Dip Enhancers. Where has the time gone?!? I’ll tell you where: into creating a whole new batch of Enhancers!

Plasti Dip New EnhancersOur original Plasti Dip Enhancers proved to be insanely popular, so we’ve been hard at work developing more. To complement our Glossifier, Pearlizer, Silver Metalizer, Gold Metalizer, and Copper Metalizer varieties, we went crazy with new colors.

Green Metalizer, Red Metalizer, Blue Metalizer, and Violet Metalizer are shipping out to distributors right now, meaning you’ll be able to get your crafty, Plasti Dip-caked hands on them very soon. Check out Distributor Finder to see where you can get our new Enhancers in your neck of the woods (or visit the old reliable sources like home improvement centers and hardware stores).

Our new Metalizer colors open up a whole new world of DIY possibilities. What kind of projects will you be using these brightly colored Plasti Dip Enhancers for? Let us know in the comments, on Twitter, or through Facebook. Once you’ve finished your project, be sure to share your stories and photos, as well. We can’t get enough of the creative awesomeness of Plasti Dip enthusiasts!

As always, be sure to visit for more information on all things Plasti Dip. And prepare to enhance the colors of your world.

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No Phoned-In Phone Cases Here

There are probably as many different types of cellular telephones out there as there are uses for Plasti Dip. Personally, I preferred the old tank I had as my first cell phone—phone calls and Snake, what more could you need? The ability to check out from the phone I have now is certainly a pretty swell feature, though (as are the eleventy billion other capabilities of smartphones), so I guess I’ll stick with the new one.

But, whether you have a Galaxy, an entire Universe, or a simple Constellation, an iPhone or the significantly less popular uPhone, chances are good you’ve added a protective case. Which is a wise decision—while my original phone could survive an unaccompanied, unintentional trip down a few flights of stairs (which I actually saw it do), I once saw a guy’s newest-generation smartphone completely shatter because he dropped the bottom half of a blueberry muffin on it.*

Using your phone’s case as a canvas, and adding a little Plasti Dip and a little creativity, you can create a custom look for your phone the likes of which have never been seen!** By way of example, Kelly N. from right here in the Plasti Dip International offices sprayed a one-of-a-kind Blaze Pink-and-white zebra pattern on her phone case. And she did it all in four easy steps:

Step 1: Spray the entire case with white aerosol Plasti Dip.

Plasti Dipped Smart Phone Case

Step 2: Tape off the “negative space” in your design. Unsurprisingly, painter’s tape works perfectly for this.

Plasti Dip Blaze Phone Case

Step 3: Spray over the white and the tape with 2-3 coats of pink Plasti Dip Blaze.

Step 4: Remove the tape about 20 minutes later, revealing the preserved white underneath.

Plasti Dip Blaze Zebra Pattern Phone Case

Yep. It really is that easy. An alternate idea, for those who like their smartphones outdoorsy and/or their designs freehanded: a cool camouflage case, using, you guessed, Plasti Dip Camo.

Camo Phone

As with most Plasti Dip projects, the possibilities here are limited only by your imagination. And, if you decide you’re ready for a new look, you can just peel the Plasti Dip off your phone case and start all over. Imagine, if you will—new designs for every holiday; new designs for your favorite sportsball teams as the MLB/NFL/NHL/NBA seasons rotate; new designs on your friends’ phone cases for their birthdays…go crazy, man!

Have you got a cool, customized-with-Plasti Dip phone case of your own? Share your photos on Twitter and Facebook—we love seeing the amazing creations Plasti Dippers can cook up. Share photos and stories of your other Plasti Dip projects, too. We can’t get enough!

One last important question: Does anyone know if there’s a Snake app?***

* Neither entirely true, nor entirely false.
** Or, at the very least, one that uses your favorite colors and/or patterns.
*** EDIT: Turns out there is, and it is glorious.

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Get Organized with Plasti Dip!

Some folks are okay with varying degrees of clutter in their home or work space. “Don’t worry,” these people sometimes say*, “it might look messy, but I know exactly where everything is.” I, however, am very, very not okay with clutter. “Um…in this pile of papers, somewhere,” does not count as knowing the location of something.

With that in mind, I was pleased as punch to find this ingenious Plasti Dip project from Brit + Co. Crafty blogger and Plasti Dip fan Kristin Appenbrink created a fashionable and functional file organizer using an accordioning, expandable pot lid holder and a Create Your Color Kit. It’s one of those ideas that’s so simple, yet so brilliant, you’ll likely wonder why you never thought of it yourself.

DIY File Organizer from Brit + Co. made with Plasti Dip

image courtesy of BRIT + CO.

All you need to do is mix up the color or colors of your choice with the ol’ CYC Kit, then Dip the prongs of your pot rack. The pot rack Appenbrink used has easily-detachable prongs, making this especially easy. You can, of course, dip the prongs as deep as you’d like—in this case, the Brit + Co. blogger changed up the depth of Dip with each one, to make it more visually interesting. She used three custom-mixed Plasti Dip colors, but you can use as many different colors as you’d like. (Personally, I’d go with a different hue on each prong, but that’s just me.)

When you’re all finished, you’ll have a sharp looking, one-of-a-kind way to keep your mail, bills, and/or other important** files organized. It’ll look swell on your desk at home or at work, you’ll cut down on clutter, and you may even gain some valuable DIY street cred*** to boot.

DIY File Organizer from Brit + Co. made with Plasti Dip

image courtesy of BRIT + CO.

Give it a try and share your results with us via Twitter and Facebook. Or, do you have projects of your own that put the “fun” in “functional”? Share those, too! We love photos and stories that showcase the ingenuity of Plasti Dip users and the 1,001 uses of Plasti Dip.

In fact, I have a really great Plasti Dip story right here…um, it’s somewhere around here, anyway. Now where did I put it? Ah, blerg…

* Something along these lines, anyway.
** Or unimportant—who am I to judge what paperwork you keep on hand?
*** Street cred > Bitcoin.

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The Fresh Plasti Dip of Bel-Air

This is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down…wait a minute…nope…

This is a story about keeping your Plasti Dip fresh after you’ve opened the original container. It has 100% less Carlton, but the tips below might just make you want to dance like he does.*

Like most everything that comes in foil-sealed canisters, Plasti Dip is at its best when it’s freshly opened. But not every Plasti Dip project is going to require the entire contents of the container. So, how can you keep your remaining ‘Dip fresh as day one?

A simple and surprisingly effective solution is good old aluminum foil. Cut or rip yourself off a little section and place it over the mouth of the container before putting the plastic cap back on. This trick is only necessary for original Plasti Dip. The aerosol formula will keep perfectly with just the standard plastic cap that accompanies the canister.

Another effective solution is to store brush-on Plasti Dip in a standard quart- or pint-size paint can, the type with a lid that needs to be closed with a hammer and opened with a screwdriver. Just pour the leftover ‘Dip into the paint can and close ‘er up. This storage method is slightly more difficult, if only because you need to have a spare paint can at your disposal. You may want to keep the original Plasti Dip container handy, as well, in case you need to ‘Dip an item that’s longer**  than your paint can.

Plasti Dip Storage SolutionsEven with these tricks, Plasti Dip won’t last indefinitely, but it will remain fresh considerably longer in storage. If you find that your Plasti Dip has dried out too much to use, you can add VM&P Naphtha solvent*** and mix it in until you’ve reached the original consistency, or a thinner or thicker one as your project may require. (VM&P naphtha can also be used to turn brush-on Plasti Dip into a sprayable mix.)

Hopefully these tips will help you make the most out of your Plasti Dip, no longer how long it sits on your shelf. Be sure to connect with us on Twitter and Facebook for more user tips, and visit for all things Plasti Dip.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to shoot some b-ball outside of the school with a couple of guys who are up to no good. I hope they don’t start making trouble in my neighborhood.

* Plasti Dip International assumes no responsibility for injuries you may sustain while Carltoning.
** Or taller, or whatever you want to call it.
*** It’s similar to lighter fluid and paint thinner, but is distinctly different from both.

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Plasti Dipped Neon Ombre Tote Bag = Totes Neombresome!*

Sure, you COULD just carry around a boring old tote bag when you need to, um, tote things. Or, you could pay WAAAY too much for a premade, brightly-colored version of the same simple item. OR, you could make like the ever-crafty Shannon Madigan of Madigan Made and fancy up that tote bag DIY-style.

Madigan Made Plasti Dipped DIY Tote Bag

photo courtesy of Shannon Madigan

All it takes is a simple canvas tote bag like the A1 model from Simple Canvas Tote Bag Shack and a can of Plasti Dip. Go with Plasti Dip Blaze if you want to recreate Madigan’s neon look, but any color will work, of course. To produce the ombre fade, skip the templates or any attempts to create a pattern and just freehand it! Spray on thicker coats at the bottom, medium coats in the middle, and light, swishing washes across the top.

Once you’ve got ombre-ing all figured out, you can add this trendy, stylish look to just about anything (somebody, somewhere, please ombre up your refrigerator and send us pictures). Plasti Dip is available in over 3,800 readymade colors***, as well as the indispensable Create Your Color kit, so it’s easy to find the right hue for your crafting or other DIY needs.

Beyond the trendy and practical tote bag and the trendy and completely impractical fridge, what other items will you add/have you added ombre effects to using Plasti Dip? Share your stories and photos via Twitter and Facebook—we always love seeing Plasti Dippers’ crafty creations.

And be sure you don’t confuse “ombre” with “hombre.” One is a nifty, colorful fashion trend; the other is what characters in Westerns call each other.

* I apologize for both the use of “totes” in this manner and the creation of “neombresome”.**
** I apologize for nothing!
*** Wildly inaccurate.

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These Baby Shoes Are Made for Walkin’, And That’s Just What They’ll Do…

Though I haven’t any rugrats of my own, I do have a handful of nieces and nephews, as well as plenty of friends with offspring, so I have a good amount of experience with swiftly growing and developing babies. One of the most exciting* things little ones do is learn to walk—one day, they’re not much more than squirmy pink paperweights; the next, they’re toddling all over the house and threatening to tumble down the stairs (or worse).

One thing everyone needs when they’re walking—not just babies—is a good solid grip on the ground. Unfortunately, many baby shoes don’t have the same type of treads on them that adult shoes do. Many pairs I’ve seen have naught but smooth rubber on their soles. So when a wee baby tries to book it across the kitchen floor, their tiny shoes will often betray them and they end up on their tuckus, which doesn’t make anyone happy.

But, as blogger Casey Hendrickson (“The Burning Truth”) found, a little Plasti Dip can remedy that problem. He added a few coats to his baby’s shoes and voila! No slip, easy grip soles. No more slipping on the hardwood for his little girl. And, if you want to dress your mini-human in perfectly-matched style, you can get yourself a Create Your Color Kit and mix up a custom batch of Plasti Dip to complement the color of his or her tiny shoes.

Plasti Dip the bottom of baby shoes to increase grip when learning to walk

image courtesy of Casey Hendrickson

Of course, you do need to a be a bit careful when implementing this fix, as babies sometimes like to put their feet in their mouths, but this will hopefully not be a problem by the time your lil’ stinker is ready to locomote.

Folks with kids of their own probably have plenty of other Plasti Dip tips for baby gear and the like, so what say you, Plasti Dipping parents? Any handy, helpful, cool, or fun projects you’d like to share? We’d love to see what you’ve come up with—head over to Twitter and/or Facebook to share the details (and pics, if you’ve got ‘em).

…Thanks to Plasti Dip these baby shoes are gonna walk all over you(r house).

* and also terrifying

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