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New Additions to Plasti Dip Enhancers Line

Plasti Dip International is pleased to announce the newest products in our Plast Dip Enhancers line: Blue Metalizer, Green Metalizer, Red Metalizer, and Violet Metalizer!

This rainbow of new additions work like our original Metalizer varieties, adding a colorful metallic shimmer to dried, cured Plasti Dip while letting the color underneath show through.  Like our other Enhancers, our new Metalizer colors work only as an addition to original or aerosol Plasti Dip coatings.

All four new Plast Dip Enhancers are available in 11-ounce aerosol cans, and are easy to use.  Just shake them up and spray them on to give your Plasti Dip projects a whole new look!  Look for our colorful new Metalizers at the same great retailers where you buy our other outstanding home solution products.

Plasti Dip Enhancers just got a whole lot more colorful!


Plasti Dip Primer: Give Your Plasti Dip A Stronger Grip

All-new Plasti Dip Primer is a specially formulated product that gives aerosol Plasti Dip a super strong, nearly permanent hold on metals and many plastic surfaces. Simply apply Plasti Dip Primer first, let it dry, then spray on any color of Plasti Dip—it's as easy as that. Once your Plasti Dip is dry, it'll deliver the same great look and protective characteristics, but with a stronger, more permanent bond to the substrate surface.

Plasti Dip Primer is designed to hold strong to metal and many, but not all, types of plastic. It's great for automotive, home and garden, and any other DIY project where your Plasti Dip coating could use a sturdier grip.

Plasti Dip Primer is available in convenient 11-oz. aerosol cans. Shake it up and spray it on, just like our aerosol Plasti Dip. You'll find it at the same retail locations where you buy our other great Performix Brand products. Plasti Dip Primer is a fast and easy way to make Plasti Dip more permanent.


Plasti Dip Blaze

Plasti Dip Blaze is a brand-new color collection of aerosol Plasti Dip. Available in Blaze Blue and Blaze Orange, with more colors to come in the near future, Plasti Dip Blaze will give any do-it-yourself project bright, neon color. For better visibility, improved safety, or just plain good looks, the Plasti Dip Blaze collection is sure to catch anyone’s eye.

Whatever Plasti Dip Blaze color you choose, and no matter what sort of craft, home, automotive, or other project you use it for, it will deliver the same performance and protection as our other Plasti Dip varieties. Just shake it up and spray it on for easy application on nearly any substrate surface to protect against abrasion, corrosion, and the elements, while also adding a soft, comfortable grip. For the best, brightest color, we recommend applying Plasti Dip Blaze over a white base (white Plasti Dip is preferred, but not necessary).

All colors of Plasti Dip Blaze are available in convenient 11-oz. aerosol cans. You’ll find the Blaze collection at many of the same great retail locations that carry our other Performix Brand products. Plasti Dip Blaze: another bright idea from Plasti Dip International.


Plasti Dip Gunmetal Gray

New Gunmetal Gray Plasti Dip has arrived! This new color formulation delivers the unique, one-of-a-kind color Plasti Dip users have been requesting for years. Use it to give any DIY project—from the home to the garage to arts and crafts and more—a dark, deep gray coloring. And, like all our Plasti Dip variations, Gunmetal Gray Plasti Dip will give any coated item unbeatable protection against corrosion, abrasion, skidding and slipping, and the elements, as well as a soft, comfortable grip.

Gunmetal Gray Plasti Dip is available in convenient aerosol form for fast, easy application. Just shake it up and spray it on to almost any substrate surface. It’s available in 11-oz. aerosol cans, and can be found at many of the same retailers where you buy Plasti Dip International’s other outstanding Performix Brand products.


Plasti Dip Smoke

Plasti Dip Smoke is an all-new aerosol Plasti Dip variety with a translucent, black-gray color. It will give any project a unique, smokey look unlike anything else.Plasti Dip Smoke even changes color as you add more coats—from light gray all the way to black, with the same distinctive smokiness in every shade. This new Plasti Dip formula is perfect for your custom car or any other DIY project that needs a one-of-a-kind look.

No matter how light or dark you want your Plasti Dip Smoke to be, it imparts the same outstanding protection as all our Plasti Dip varieties. It applies easily to nearly any surface—just shake it up and spray it on—to give protection against abrasion, corrosion, and the elements. Plasti Dip Smoke is also easy to remove from most surfaces, if need be. Peel it off and the item underneath will be in original, pre-Dipped condition.

Plasti Dip Smoke is available in 11-ounce aerosol cans and can be found at many of the same fine retailers where you buy Plasti Dip International’s other great products. Smoke has never looked so good!


Plasti Dip Camo

Plasti Dip International presents: Plasti Dip Camo, a new collection of custom Plasti Dip colors specially designed for the great outdoors. With four colors to choose from (Green, Tan, Brown, and Black), Plasti Dip Camo will give your hunting gear, camping equipment, or any project a unique camouflage look. Each color looks great on its own, or you can mix-and-match to create your own camo patterns.

Plasti Dip Camo is easy to apply to nearly any surface, and all our Camo colors offer the same great protection you’ve come to expect from Plasti Dip. It protects coated items from corrosion, abrasion, impact, and the elements. And, if and when you need to, Plasti Dip can be peeled off most surfaces easily, leaving the item underneath in its original, pre-treated condition.

All four Plasti Dip Camo varieties are available in 11-ounce aerosol cans. You can purchase them from many of the same great retailers who carry our other outstanding Performix® Brand products. With Plasti Dip Camo, the great outdoors is even greater!

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