Case Studies

Foam / Plastics

  Health Care
    • Patient Positioning Solutions
Plasti Dip International created a safe, fluid-proof and chemical resistant protective coating for the foam rolls and pads used to position patients during surgery or imaging. Learn more about Plasti Dip International's creation of this state-of-the-art elastomeric foam coating.

    • Wheelchair Seating Systems Solutions
Working with health care industry leaders, Plasti Dip International developed a flexible elastomeric coating specifically for products used in the positioning of wheelchair users. Plasti Dip International's foam coating allowed users to have better positioning and pressure relief, while contributing to a safer, more durable product. Read more about this flexible foam coating.

    • Physical Therapy / Rehabilitation Products Solutions
Physical therapy and rehabilitation products needed to have cleanable, yet comfortable, surfaces that were fluid-resistant and durable. Plasti Dip International's flexible elastomeric foam coating met this challenge, and provided manufacturers and patients with many other benefits. Read about these benefits and Plasti Dip International's foam coating.

    • Physical Therapy / Rehabilitation Products / In Mold Barrier Coating Solutions
Products used for physical therapy rehabilitation. These products were molded using flexible urethane foam then finished with a protective coating. There was a need for a water base [low VOC, non-flammable] in mold coating with a built in mold release that would NOT interfere with coating/ finishing process.

    • Conductive / Static Dissipative Elastomeric Coatings
Plasti Dip International developed electrostatic dissipative and conductive foam coating to meet the requirements of packaging and tools used in ESD sensitive areas. A specialty coating was developed that can be applied to a variety of substrates in both production environments and on site. Read more about this unique industrial coating.

  Leisure / Novelty
    • Pool and Spa / VOC Reduction Solutions
  • Minimized permitting, storage, regulatory and insurance concerns while improving work place conditions for employees.

  •   Protective Padding
        • Martial Arts Gear / VOC Reduction Solutions
  • Greater reduced the reject rate by also providing a 1-2 mil coating film filling/ covering any foam voids.

  •     • Wrestling Mats / VOC Reduction Solutions
  • Fast manufacturing/ finishing process.

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