Send Us a Sample for Specialty Coatings

Why are we asking you for a sample?

Simple, for our staff to recommend the best overall coatings and adhesives for your project we need to clearly understand what you are trying to accomplish. We can't begin to explain how generic "foam" or "metal" is as a substrate description.

Not only will we ask you several questions, but will most likely ask you to send us samples of the substrate you will be working with. This will provide us with exact substrate you prefer and will also allow us to apply our best coating technology to these samples and return them to you for evaluation. Many times we can estimate material and time required to finish your product, recommend current customers who may be able to provide application, fabrication, finishing services in your area and just give you feasibility information early on.

More often then not, this approach saves us both a great deal of time and money, speeding the product development process greatly.

Send us your ideas, samples and details of your project to:

Plasti Dip International
Attn: Manufacturing Solutions
3920 Pheasant Ridge Drive
Blaine, MN 55449

Call us at: 1800-969-5432 ext 104
Fax us at: 763 785 2058 attn: Manufacturing Solutions
Email us at: manufacturingsolutions@plastidip.com


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