Plasti Dip Expands Enhancers Line with 4 New Metalizers

4 November 2013 - Plasti Dip International has expanded our popular Plasti Dip Enhancers line with the addition of four new Metalizer varieties. New selections include Blue Metalizer, Green Metalizer, Red Metalizer, and Violet Metalizer.

Plasti Dip Enhancers are specially-formulated to improve the appearance of dried, cured Plasti Dip. Metalizers add a sparkly, metal-flake look with shades of the respective color, while letting the color of the Plasti Dip base coat show through. Our new Metalizers will give any Plasti Dip project a unique, metallic finish.

Like the other products in our Enhancers line, our new Metalizer colors are available in 11-oz. aerosol cans for fast, easy application. All our Enhancers are designed to be used only with original or aerosol Plasti Dip coatings.

Blue, Green, Red, and Violet Metalizers are available from the same great retailers where you find our other Performix brand home solutions. Or, check our distributor finder to see where you can find Plasti Dip products in your area. 


Plasti Dip International’s New Primer Gives Plasti Dip A Stronger Grip

14 January 2013—Plasti Dip International has developed a new product designed to complement the performance of their namesake, flagship product. Plasti Dip Primer is a simple way to make original Plasti Dip’s bond to metal and many plastic surfaces more permanent.

Though it creates a tough, durable coating on nearly any surface, Plasti Dip can be peeled off relatively easily, should users choose to do so. Plasti Dip Primer is designed to be applied before the accompanying Plasti Dip, and is specially formulated to make Plasti Dip’s adhesion stronger and nearly permanent without compromising any of its beneficial properties. Plasti Dip Primer is specially formulated for use on metal and most, but not all, plastics. It is available in 11-ounce aerosol cans for fast and easy application.

Plasti Dip Primer is available from many of the same retailers where you buy original Plasti Dip, Liquid Tape, and our outstanding home solutions products.


NEW Plasti Dip Pearlizer Added to Enhancers Line

8 October 2012—Plasti Dip International is pleased to announce the release of Plasti Dip Pearlizer, the latest addition to our Plasti Dip Enhancers lineup.

Plasti Dip Pearlizer is designed to complement the look of our original Plasti Dip protective rubber coating. Pearlizer gives Plasti Dip’s usual matte finish a unique pearlescent gleam and a subtle white tint. It works with any color of cured, dried Plasti Dip, and is the perfect way to give any DIY project a lustrous new look./p>

Available in 11-oz. aerosol cans, Plasti Dip Pearlizer can be found at many of the same retail locations where you buy our original Plasti Dip, Anything Foam, and other Performix Brand products.


Introducing NEW Plasti Dip Blaze & Gunmetal Gray Plasti Dip

25 June 2012—Plasti Dip International has just released three new variations of our popular Plasti Dip synthetic rubber coating. These latest formulations add three new colors to the Plasti Dip lineup: Gunmetal Gray, Blaze Blue, and Blaze Orange.

As with all our Plasti Dip varieties, Gunmetal Gray and both Blaze colors offer one-of-a-kind protection against abrasion, corrosion, skidding, slipping, and the elements, while adding a soft, comfort-grip covering. Gunmetal Gray delivers the semi-metallic color that so many Plasti Dip users have been requesting, while both Blaze varieties offer bright, neon hues. There are plans for additional Blaze colors in the near future.

Plasti Dips Blaze and Gunmetal Gray can be found in easy-to-use 11-oz. aerosol cans, for quick, convenient application to nearly any substrate surface. They’re available from many of the same retailers who carry our other Performix Brand products.

For more information on the newest additions to the Plasti Dip family or any of our outstanding products, visit PlastiDip.com. Or, contact us directly with any questions or comments.


Plasti Dip’s March Madness

Continuing a trend that started in 2010, Plasti Dip International has set more all-time sales records. March 2012 was the biggest sales month in company history, and quarterly sales for Q1 2012 were an all-time high, as well. We’ve said it before, and we hope to say it again: this outstanding run of growth and success is thanks to the ever-growing support of Plasti Dip International’s many loyal customers and fans.

No doubt the usefulness, versatility, and superior quality of our Performix® Brand products is helpful to these accomplishments, but without YOU—the consumer, industrial, and manufacturing customers who put our products to use every day—we couldn’t and wouldn’t be where we are today. Everyone at Plasti Dip International would like to extend our deepest thanks to each and every one of you!

We look forward to continued successes, and hope that you’ll continue to make Plasti Dip International a part of your DIY, industrial, and manufacturing projects. We’ve added a number of new products to our lineup over the past months, and have more great innovations to come. With your continued support—both in buying our products and in spreading the word on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere—Plasti Dip International can extend the March Madness we’ve enjoyed far into the future.

Again, sincerest thanks to all our customers—we can’t do it without you!


2011 a Record Year for Plasti Dip International

After an outstanding, record-setting year in 2010, Plasti Dip International is pleased to announce record-breaking sales again for 2011, with record quarterly sales for Q4 2011. Neither of these achievements would have been possible without the continued support of Plasti Dip International's many customers and loyal fans.

The quality and usefulness of Plasti Dip International's products is an important factor in our sustained sales success, of course, but we wouldn't be where we are today without our customers. Our faithful fans, friends, and followers have been and will continue to be the driving force behind Plasti Dip Interntional's success. Whether you're buying and using our products, interacting with us on Facebook and Twitter, or visiting PlastiDip.com, we want to sincerely thank you for making our success possible.

We hope for your continued support in 2012 and beyond. Plasti Dip International has no plans of slowing down now—we've got more exceptional new products to bring you in the coming year, and we aim to reach more customers than ever before. Again, Plasti Dip extends our deepest thanks to you, our customers.


November 2, 2011

Plasti Dip International Unveils 3 New "Enhancer" Products

With three new products arriving at retail soon, Plasti Dip International looks to further broaden the appeal of its best-selling original Plasti Dip, known for having "1,001 Uses and Counting."

Plasti Dip International is pleased to announce the launch of three new products in their Home Solutions product line. These new offerings, known as "Plasti Dip Enhancers," are designed to complement the performance of the company's best-selling Plasti Dip specialty rubber coating.

Plasti Dip is a unique, do-it-yourself, flexible rubberized coating with nearly endless uses and applications, available in brush-on/dip-on and aerosol varieties. With their new Plasti Dip Enhancers, Plasti Dip International offers three ways to make their original Plasti Dip even better.

Plasti Dip is available in a range of colors, as well as a "Create Your Color" Kit that allows users to mix their own custom colors—this color variety has made Plasti Dip popular for decorative and crafting purposes. Enhancers expand on this popularity by giving users the ability to add different finishes to applied, cured Plasti Dip.

Plasti Dip Glossifier transforms Plasti Dip's normal satin finish into a shiny, polished-looking one more akin to the look of high gloss spray paint. Plasti Dip Gold Metalizer and Plasti Dip Silver Metalizer create a shimmering, metallic look that allows the original color of the Plasti Dip to show through. All three Enhancers are specially designed to work with Plasti Dip's chemical structure for superb, long-lasting performance.

Plasti Dip International's new Enhancers will be available in stores by late-November 2011. Plasti Dip Enhancers will be sold at many of the same home improvement centers, hardware stores, and other retailers where Plasti Dip International's other products are found.

Plasti Dip International manufactures a wide range of coatings, sealants, and adhesives. Based in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, Plasti Dip International has been creating its high quality products since the early 1970s. In addition to original Plasti Dip, the company's products include Liquid Tape, a brush-on formulation that takes the place of electrical tape, Anything Foam, a repair product for foam cushions and other foam products, and many other one-of-a-kind creations. Plasti Dip International's products are sold under the Performix brand name, as well as through other partner brands.

For more information on Plasti Dip International and their many fine products, visit them online at http://www.plastidip.com.

November 1, 2011

Plasti Dip Posts Record Sales

Plasti Dip International is pleased to announce a number of sales records; all made possible thanks to the support of our customers and end users. Plasti Dip enjoyed a record sales year in 2010, as well as quarterly sales records for both Q2 and Q3 of 2011. September 2011 marked the single best sales month in company history.

With the current state of America's struggling economy, it's rare to see any company posting record sales over any period. That Plasti Dip was able to generate record numbers for a full year, post even higher quarterly sales numbers the following year, and top it off with our best monthly sales ever, is not only a testament to the quality and usefulness of the products we make; it's also proof of the huge levels of support we’ve received from our many satisfied customers.

Plasti Dip International's products can be found at www.plastidip.com. We hope for the continuing support from you, our loyal customers, and look forward to reaching even more customers in the future, on our way to continued sales success.

October 12, 2011

Plasti Dip at AAPEX 2011 in Las Vegas

Plasti Dip International, manufacturers of Plasti Dip specialty rubber coating and other DIY products, has announced its participation in the upcoming AAPEX 2011 expo.

12 October 2011—Plasti Dip International will be taking part in and exhibiting at the 2011 Automotive Aftermarket Parts Expo (AAPEX).

Plasti Dip International (PDI) are the makers of a full line of DIY home solutions, sold under the Performix Brand. The Blaine, Minnesota-based company's most famous and popular product is Plasti Dip, a multipurpose, air dry, specialty rubber coating that can be used for a nearly endless array of applications, including a wide variety of automotive projects, home improvement projects, and much more. PDI also makes Liquid Tape brush-on electrical tape, VLP for vinyl and leather repair, and a number of other fine products.

AAPEX is an annual event representing the multi-billion dollar automotive aftermarket. AAPEX brings together automotive parts distributors, retailers, service professionals, service chains, and more, all in one place. It is one of the world's largest gatherings of automotive aftermarket industry leaders and innovators.

Plasti Dip, in both its original brush-on/dip-on and aerosol spray-on formulas, is already well-known to automotive aftermarket retailers and enthusiasts. At this year's AAPEX, Plasti Dip International will expand on the popularity and excellence of Plasti Dip with the debut of three new products.

Plasti Dip Glossifier will provide an enhanced gloss finish to Plasti Dip coated items. Plasti Dip Silver Metalizer and Plasti Dip Gold Metalizer will create a unique metallic finish on Plasti Dip coated items. PDI is confident these new Plasti Dip Enhancers will make a big impact at AAPEX and in the automotive aftermarket industry as a whole.

AAPEX 2011 will take place November 1-3 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

To learn more about Plasti Dip International and their full line of DIY products, visit http://www.plastidip.com. For more information on AAPEX, please visit them online at http://www.aapexshow.com.

May 27, 2011

Plasti Dip Featured in Field & Stream

27 May 2011—Original Plasti Dip was included in a recent article on FieldandStream.com titled “Tackle Hacks: 10 Mods that Will Take Your Rods, Reels and Lures to the Next Level.”

In the article, Field & Stream contributor Joe Cremele gives ten easy ways to modify fishing gear for added comfort, performance, or both. He suggests using Plasti Dip to “coat the end of your reel handle for added grip…Your fingers won’t slip off from rain, sweat, or fish slime.” He also advises coating the front of the drag cap on a spinning reel to make adjustments easier.

Plasti Dip, manufactured by Plasti Dip International and sold under the Performix brand, is a multi-purpose synthetic rubber coating. It effectively protects treated items against moisture, abrasion, corrosion, and a host of other damaging factors. The product is available in its original paint-like “dip” form and as a spray-on aerosol. Plasti Dip is available in many hardware and home improvement stores nationwide.

Visit www.plastidip.com for more information on original Plasti Dip and all of Plasti Dip International’s fine products. You can read the full article from Field & Stream here.

April 2011

NEWS RELEASE- Plasti Dip Featured on the Nate Berkus Show

Plasti Dip International's original Plasti Dip home solution was featured on a recent episode of the Nate Berkus Show*.
Plasti Dip is a unique, multipurpose synthetic rubber coating. It can be applied to nearly any surface to protect against moisture, acids, abrasions, and corrosion, and to add slipping/skidding protection and comfortable, controlled grip. Plasti Dip is available at many fine retailers.
On the March 29, 2011, episode of the Nate Berkus Show*, Berkus and his guest, entertaining expert Kelly Moore, showed how Plasti Dip can bring new life to old flatware in a segment called "Entertaining with the Things You Have." You can watch the segment on the show's website, thenateshow.com, to see the difference Plasti Dip makes when used on ordinary forks and knives.

Nate Berkus is head of the Chicago-based design firm Nate Berkus Associates, author of the book Home Rules: Transform the Place You Live into a Place You'll Love, and a regular contributor to the Oprah Winfrey show. The Nate Berkus Show* is a nationally syndicated program. Check local listings for time and channel.
Visit the Plasti Dip website for more information on original Plasti Dip, and the company’s many other helpful home solutions.
*The Nate Berkus Show is a registered trademark of Harpo Productions, Inc.

July 1st, 2010

NEWS RELEASE-Plasti Dip International Sets Another Quarterly Sales Record!
Plasti Dip International set a new quarterly sales record in the 2nd quarter!  "We continue to see strong growth due to a combination of exports, new product launches and new customers coming on board" states Scott Haasl, President of Plasti Dip International. 
"Customers have been very responsive to the unique products we have recently introduced, even during this tough economic period.  Although consumers are still very cautious, there is also an appetite for new and exciting products" says Dan Ruege, VP of Sales and Marketing. 
For more information about the unique products Plasti Dip International offers under its "Performix Brand" , please visit www.plastidip.com


June 8th,  2010

F-939 LCC [Low Cost Coating] for Manufacturers of Specialty Flexible Foam Products!
For the past few years our OEM Customers have been asking for a very high performing yet low cost coating alternative to address cost down pressures they are recieving from their customers. "As we are all aware, availability and costs for many raw materials has been a big challenge due to global circumstances with supply, so raising the performance bar while significantly lowering the cost per gallon was a tall order" states Scott Haasl, President and R&D Director of Plasti Dip International. " The fact we could even match performance of our current high performance flexible foam coatings and lower costs at all was outstanding. By achieving a significant cost savings and greatly increasing tensile, elongation and tare strength performance we have really stepped up and provided our customers a high value product". Haasl goes on to say "The lower cost per gallon and higher performance also helps lower application labor, overall coating used per square foot and waste. "This combination of savings can be substaintial and of real benefit to our customers" states Scott Haasl.

For more information about specialty foam coatings Plasti Dip International offers under its "Performix Brand" , please visit www.plastidip.com/foam_plastics.php



 April 1st, 2010

NEWS RELEASE-Plasti Dip International Sets Record!
This is no April fools joke. Plasti Dip International set a new monthly sales record in March as well as a record quarter!
"We have been very fortunate and made some of our own luck along the way through hard work, sacrifice and planning" states Scott Haasl President of Plasti Dip International.
Momentum started to build 12 months ago after a turbulent 4th quarter of 2008. "A thorough evaluation of resources, programs and plans was needed at the end of 2008 to respond to the weakening economic conditions" says CFO William Malchow. "The result has been very positive".
VP of Sales and Marketing Dan Ruege attributes the strong sales growth to a number of opportunities with new customers and new products with existing customers. "It's been a balance of opportunities that are building a solid foundation for future growth in a number of areas of the business". He also adds "there are some signs of improvement with some of our customers who have been hit really hard by the weak economy, this is a positive sign".
Haasl also adds "it's not just loyal customers that put us in this position: it's also the hard work and dedication of our employees as well as the support of our supplier/ partners that has made the difference. We don't take this for granted".
For more information about the unique products Plasti Dip International offers under its "Performix Brand" , please visit www.plastidip.com


February 1st, 2010

NEWS RELEASE-Plasti Dip International launches new system.
Plasti Dip International partners with Escape Velocity Systems to implement SAGE MAS 500/ 02 Mobile for its integrated process manufacturing system needs and goes live February 1st, 2010. "We were using several time tested tools but they weren't integrated so we had to address this deficit in order to run the company as it grew, rather then it running us" says Scott Haasl President of Plasti Dip International. "EVS has been an excellent partner and the products they develop and support through SAGE are first class".
Gary Wilkin Assistant Production Manager adds "we realize there are going to be some set backs and delays as we go through the learning curve but we have been provided all the necessary tools and training to make this a successful implementaion and we plan to take full advantage of this system and its benefits".
For more information about EVS and their products and services visit them at www.evs-sw.com



January 14th, 2010

NEWS RELEASE- Plasti Dip goes to the Winter Olympics.

A special project for Sports Illustrated required protective padding for cameras mounted inside the hockey goals. To make the protective padding withstand the extreme impact and abuse in and around the hockey goal a special foam coating is being used to increase durability of the protective padding. Watch for us in action at the Winter Olympics on NBC!

March 20, 2009

NEWS RELEASE - New Product Line of ESD Protective Coatings announced.

Plasti Dip International, a recognized leader in specialty coatings has announced an alliance with Conductive Containers Inc. to provide a complete line of ESD Protective Coatings to the electronics industry.

Over the 35 years Plasti Dip International has been in business its customers have come to expect innovative coating technology solutions to keep them ahead in their markets and to solve problems big and small. “While we have always had a conductive coating product on the market the partnership with Conductive Containers Inc. will help us reach many new applications and meet the needs of the broader ESD market place” says Plasti Dip President Scott Haasl. He also added “this partnership has already led to a significant product development project that’s created an entire line of specialty conductive and static dissipative coatings to fit nearly any application”.

“These unique protective coatings will help electronics companies with ESD programs eliminate damaged insulators from their work floor and processes that they previously could not” says Brad Ahlm, President of Conductive Containers Inc. “It’s really been a partnership between Plasti Dip International and CCI as we brought our respective areas of expertise together to bring these new products to the market”, states Roger Zimmerman, National Sales Manager of CCI located in New Hope Minnesota. CCI specializes in ESD packaging/ products and uses its brand name CorStat for their unique product line. CCI can be reached by calling 1-800-200-2090 or contact Roger Zimmerman direct at 1-763-537-2090. Learn more about Conductive Containers Inc. by visiting their website www.corstat.com.

Immediately available are a range of coatings that can provide ESD protection on a wide variety of substrates including but not limited to-
· Packaging materials- open cell, closed cell foams [provides ESD protection as well as eliminates FOD], corrugated, chip board; fluted plastic [provides ESD protection, cushions and non-skid].
· Hand tools- pliers, screwdrivers, nut drivers, wire strippers [provides ESD protection, cushion as well as grip].
· Vacuum formed plastics used as handling trays [provides ESD protection, cushions, non-slid].
· MFG [molded fiberglass] trays [provides ESD protection, cushions, non-slid].
· Metal substrates such as racking, wire shelving and scaffolding [provides ESD protections, cushions, non-slid].

These are just few of the many applications for these ESD Protective Coatings.

For more details please visit www.plastidip.com/esd_protective_coating.php  or contact Scott Haasl at scott.haasl@plastidip.com for more information.


 February 5, 2009

Plasti Dip International, probably best known for its Plasti Dip® “tool handle” coating, has just made that stretchy, rubbery coating even more interesting and exciting.
Over the 36 years Plasti Dip International has been making this unique product, color selection was limited to 5 or 6 basic colors. “In the past, Plasti Dip® was typically used for tool handle applications and color selection was not often a big concern for the end users,” says Dan Ruege, Vice President Sales & Marketing. “However, that isn’t entirely true today.”
Plasti Dip International includes a brochure on their website titled, It’s Like Duct Tape in a Can! The second page of this brochure identifies hundreds of uses Plasti Dip International captured while conducting Web searches of their Plasti Dip® product. “The It’s Like Duct Tape in a Can idea started when we read and captured the multitude of uses for Plasti Dip® users were writing about. We noticed during our research, and from calls we received, that the desire for custom or alternative colors was becoming more of a need,” Ruege recalls.  
Plasti Dip International just released their unique solution; Plasti Dip® Create Your Color. Available in a kit, one can of Clear Plasti Dip® (in a completely redesigned and resized container) and five specially formulated tints provides everything you need to Create Your Color. Not only can consumers create any color of Plasti Dip® they need, but they also can change colors instantly and frequently. “This is certainly a new and fun way to Plasti Dip®,” concludes Ruege.
For more details please visit http://www.plastidip.com/home_solutions/Plasti_Dip  


 December 19, 2008

Getting unraveled? Check this out! 
New! Plasti Dip International combines two of its most popular Liquid Tape options in one convenient and value priced package; the Liquid Tape Electrical Combo Pack. The Combo Pack includes one 4 oz. Black brush-in-cap container and one 6 oz. Clear aerosol container. If you are currently using one container or the other, this Combo Pack provides a cost effective opportunity to try the one you’re not! Give the Combo Pack a try today and let us know what you think. 
For more details please visit http://www.plastidip.com/home_solutions/Liquid_Tape_-_Electrical_Insulation

 May 14, 2008

F-927s Water Based Foam Coating Break Through.
Plasti Dip International, the recognized world wide leader in specialty coatings for all types of flexible foams has achieved yet another significant breakthrough.
Over the 35 years Plasti Dip International has been in business its customers have come to expect and rely on its industry leading coating technology and innovation to keep them ahead in their markets. “While our customers appreciate the quality and innovation we put into every product we make, it’s these types of breakthroughs that move our company and industry forward, giving our customers an edge”, says Plasti Dip President, Scott Haasl. “We are the leading innovator of several foam coating technologies but this may have been the biggest breakthrough yet.”
Customers faced with growing OSHA and EPA pressures have challenged Plasti Dip International to develop a coating that is sprayable, water based, non-flammable, ultra low in VOC, easy to use and affordable that will seal and protect both fabricated and molded polyurethane flexible foams. “Making the impossible happen is our specialty”, says Haasl. I always tell my staff, “If it’s so easy someone else would have already done it”. Scott Haasl gives credit to his dedicated staff and customers saying, “We couldn’t accomplish these breakthroughs without our customers. We co-develop with key customers who provide feed back throughout the development and testing phases”.  
Plasti Dip International leads the industry with solvent based coatings that seal and protect open cell polyurethane foams used for patient positioning products, wheel chair seating and several other molded and fabricated foam products.” There is a delicate balance that must be struck when developing a coating that wont absorb into on open cell foam, after all, that’s what a sponge is and does”, states Haasl on the challenge. “So as we sized up this challenge we thought, now we need to figure out how to put water on a sponge and not have it absorb”. Many have stated this couldn’t be done.
For 25 years Plasti Dip International’s Performix Brand of coatings has led the industry with environmentally friendly water base coating technology. “There’s a growing awareness of the environment in general and with petroleum costs as high as they are there is a great opportunity for these types of products finally. We have released over a dozen new products over the last several months, giving our customers many environmentally friendly options” Haasl states.   
For more details please visit www.plastidip.com/foam_plastics.php or contact Scott Haasl at scott.haasl@plastidip.com for more information.

March 23, 2008


Plasti Dip International, a recognized leader in specialty coating development and manufacturing expertise has recently completed several new environmentally friendly products.

These high performance, water based, non-flammable and very low VOC content products are the result of over 3 years ongoing product development and customer evaluation to ensure they are proven "green" alternatives for the industry. These products fall with the Plasti Dip International eccs [emission control coating systems] group of products aimed to reduce greenhouse gasses and emissions.

Please visit our website for more information on these and other new products at www.plastidip.com go to Manufacturing Solutions for more details or contact us at manufacturingsolutions@plastidip.com

Applications for these new environmentally friendly products include:

IMC [in mold coating] for flexible and rigid polyurethane foam products.
F-851's', F-791's', F-877's', F-879's'.

PMC [post mold coating] for flexible polyurethane and other types of foam products.
F-791's', F-879's', F-877's', F-823's'.

CFL Containment Coating used to safety coat compact fluorescent lamps. This safety coating not only contains glass breakage but also contains mercury used inside of fluorescent lamps. This is a growing problem for the lamp manufacturers.
F-896, F-896's'.

Metal/ Concrete/ Wood general purpose protective coatings.
F-898, F-898's'.

Netting/ Fabric general purpose protective coating.

Please visit us at www.plastidip.com or contact us at manufacturingsolutions@plastidip.com or 1 800.969.5432 xt 104.

November 7, 2006

Liquid Tape for Electrical Insulation
Liquid Tape takes the place of electrical tape by providing electrical insulation to hard-to-reach places. Pinpoints circuit board connections and it's reusable.

NEWS RELEASE- Plasti Dip International

On October 31, 2006, Jim Dunn, Editor of Popular Mechanics, stopped by the Plasti Dip booth during the 2006 AAPEX show in Las Vegas. He informed us that their automotive team checked out over 1,400 new products introduced at SEMA and AAPEX to find the innovated ones. Performix Brand Liquid Tape Spray was one out of seventeen winners of their Popular Mechanics Editor's Choice Awards. The award we received was in recognition of outstanding achievement in new product design and innovation. Plasti Dip International is posted on their website @ http://www.popularmechanics.com/marketing/semaeditorschoice

June 27, 2006

Plasti Dip International is excited to announce availability of 2 new products. Our valued customers continue to provide us with important feed back of how to make our products work more efficiently as well as how we might help them meet new environmental or performance challenges and capture new opportunities. These new products are direct results of this collaborative effort.

F-874 Muraculon satin finish-
F-874 Muraculon is similar to F-830 Muraculon spray coating for polyurethane foams. It uses the same equipment and approximate settings as F-830. However, it provides two distinct advantages:
50% lower VOC's
New Satin Finish- which eliminates finish "gloss" fluctuation caused by seasonal weather changes while also reducing "grab" or blocking.

F-874 Muraculon is available in many color choices and is available in 5 gallon and 50 gallon drums for volume users. Please let us know if you would like a sample of F-874 to try for yourself.

F-888 Muraculon T.S. "TOUGH SKIN"
F-888 Muraculon T.S. is also very similar to F-830 Muraculon spray coating for polyurethane foams. It uses the same equipment and approximate settings as F-830. However F-888 offers distinct performance advantages as well as improved adhesion properties. Many F-830 customers have asked for a more a durable, puncture resistant product to withstand harsh environments such as military applications, day care and hospital furniture and other applications where sewn vinyl covers have been the only choice.
*30% higher tensile strength
*25% higher tear strength
*20% higher elongation
New Satin Finish
*As compared to F-830 Muraculon

There is significant opportunity in this market when you consider the limitations in size, shape, minimums per color choice and labor involved in sewn covers. F-888 is available in many color choices and is packaged in 5 gallon and 50 gallon drums for volume users. Please let us know if you would like a sample of the new F-888 Muraculon T.S. to try for yourself.

The R&D staff has been hard at work the past 18 months preparing new protective coatings for all types of flexible foam applications. Several are in the final stages of development so stay tuned for more innovative foam protection products from Plasti Dip International.


New Packaging Introduced

Plasti Dip International has just introduced a brand new look for their entire line of Do-It-Yourself consumer products. Now marketed under the brand name Performix®, the full line of high quality, flexible rubber products, coatings, and adhesives is now sporting a vibrant blue and yellow package. You can find all your favorite Plasti Dip® D-I-Y products in a hardware store or home center near you.

Some retail outlets may not have all colors and sizes available. Please request your retailer to carry your favorite Plasti Dip® product.


June 2001
A Company on the Grow!

Plasti Dip International will soon begin operations from their brand new corporate office and production facility in Blaine, Minnesota, a Minneapolis suburb. This new state-of-the-art facility nearly triples the size of the Company's current facility.

Scott Haasl, President of Plasti Dip International, attributes the Company's success to a combination of opportunities, loyal customers, and hardworking, dedicated employees.

Well-known in the Do-It-Yourself industry since 1972, Plasti Dip International distributes their line of products worldwide. And, in addition to marketing a line of D-I-Y products, the Company also manufactures industrial specialty coatings and adhesives.


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