Create Your Color Kit

Create Your Color Synthetic Rubber Coating

Our stretchy, rubbery Plasti Dip® coating is now even more interesting and exciting!

In the past, Plasti Dip® was typically used for tool handle applications and color selection was not often a big concern. As a result, color selection was limited to 5 or 6 basic colors. That was then…

This is now. Our Create Your Color idea started when we read the multitude of uses for Plasti Dip® users were writing about. We noticed during our research and from calls we received that the desire for custom or alternative colors was becoming more of a need.

In response, we developed and released a unique solution: Plasti Dip® Create Your Color. Available in a kit, one can of Clear Plasti Dip®, in a completely redesigned and resized container, and five specially formulated tints, provides everything you need to Create Your Color. Not only can you create any color of Plasti Dip® you need, but you can also change colors instantly and frequently.

Check out our Create Your Color Youtube videos to see just how easy this is!

Also new is our Create Your Color Clear! This new 22 oz. package utilizes the same redesigned container as the Create Your Color Kit and can be used as a clear dip coating or in combination with the specially formulated tints to create a multitude of colors for a multitude of projects.

Create Your Color Kit Features:

The features of our new Create Your Color Kit and redesigned container provide a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Custom colors for dip, brush or spray applications.
  • 65% more product than our standard 14.5 oz container.
  • Wider opening for larger projects and use with a 2" brush.
  • Ease of mixing tints or added textures.
  • Much improved long term storage.

Give our Create Your Color Kit a try and really have some fun creating all kinds of colors for your projects! Contact Plasti Dip today for more information about our flexible protective coating products.

Create Your ColorResources
Create Your Color 22 oz Clear MSDS
Create Your Color Kit MSDS

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