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In 1972, Plasti Dip International invented and manufactured Plasti Dip®, a multi-purpose rubber coating, for the Do-It-Yourselfer. Although Plasti Dip® became well known as a tool handle coating, the Do-It-Yourselfer soon discovered hundreds of new application ideas with outstanding results. Today Plasti Dip® is used in the home and workplace like never before. For example, did you know that Plasti Dip® can be used in your home and garden, for arts and crafts projects, for maintaining and repairing automobile, marine and sporting vehicles, and for fixing parts and gear… just to name a few?

And we don’t limit your ability to identify possibilities and discoveries with just Plasti Dip®. Today, we manufacture a wide variety of specialty coatings and adhesives that provide just as many ideas for uses and applications.

ReRack Vinyl Rack Repair

For example, our ReRACK dishwasher rack repair is used to make just about any coated wire rack look new. The flexible, synthetic rubber coating exhibits excellent adhesion to dishwasher and other vinyl coated racks. ReRack is ideal for touching up rusted and damaged dishwasher racks and eliminating the transfer of rust onto dishes.

Vyna Bond and VLP Vinyl Repair Kit

Vyna Bond is a strong, flexible vinyl repair kit.  The contact adhesive can be brushed or spread onto any vinyl or leather surface, whatever the application. Our VLP Vinyl and Leather repair kit is a clear, high strength kit designed to mend small rips, tears, and holes in most types of vinyl and leather materials. Our vinyl repair products have almost endless uses, some of them likely not even discovered yet!

Our FAQ might even give you a few new ideas in using Plasti Dip and our other products around your home or workshop.

Please take a look inside and imagine the possibilities… and when you experience that “aha” application idea, please tell us about it. We love to hear how our flexible protective coatings and adhesives provide real solutions to your ideas and needs at home. Find a retailer or distributor near you to get started today!

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