Plasti Dip & Pinterest: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

Plasti Dip and Pinterest may be the two best things to happen to crafters and DIYers in the history of ever. And plenty of folks have discovered that the two go together better than Oreos and milk: Plasti Dip is versatile enough to use for almost any project you can cook up, and Pinterest has become the go-to guide for brilliant, fun, and often unusual crafting and DIY ideas.

With that in mind, we are happy to present some of the latest and greatest Plasti Dip projects we’ve come across in the nigh-endless realm of Pinterest. What follows are Plasti Dip and Pinterest’s greatest crossover hits*.

First up are nifty, West Elm-inspired tote bags from the pin boards of “Henry Happened.” HH’s original suggests letters or initials, but this easy, customizable craft can take on any design you can cook up. All you need is a cloth tote bag, a Plasti Dip Create Your Color Kit, and a little imagination.

Next up, a wild and wacky, completely custom cell phone dock pinned by “InstaMorph.” Using some of InstaMorph’s “moldable plastic” and Plasti Dip, you can create a stylish, functional, one-of-a-kind stand/charger for your phone (or any device that requires regular battery charging). The possibilities here are literally** endless.

Third, a creative, crafty use for old lipstick tubes. “Kim Miles” pinned this ingenious little trick, using empty lipstick canisters, some Plasti Dip, and decorative crystals. The end result: just-the-right-size containers for bobby pins, aspirin, or any other small and easy to misplace items. Function? Check. Fashion? Check. Fun? Double check!

Finally, from the pin board of “SMP at Home,” we present the DIY animal train. With a little Plasti Dip (in the color of your choosing, though the white they used looks pretty great), a menagerie of plastic animals, some wood, a few basic tools, and a hearty helping of elbow grease, you can create the greatest miniature zoo on wheels you ever saw! You can also leave out the train part and simply customize those old, boring animals*** into crazy custom critters.

What about you, Plasti Dip enthusiast and shockingly good-looking blog reader: Do you have any cool, fun, unique Plasti Dip projects to share with us (and, by extension, the world)? We’d love to see some photos and hear all about them. Share your projects via Twitter, Facebook, and, of course, Pinterest. Who knows? Your project just might show up on Plasti Dip and Pinterest’s Greatest Hits, Vol. II.

* Volume One
Literally literally, not just the inaccurate, incorrectly-used “literally” that everyone throws around these days.
*** Boring PLASTIC animals, that is. Real animals are rarely, if ever, boring. Especially giraffes.

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