A Very Merry Plasti Dip Holiday

As I’ve written time and again, Plasti Dip has 1,001 uses and counting.* One of those uses is a bit specialized, not to mention seasonal, so it can really only serve this particular purpose but once a year.

“Whatever could it be?” I sense you wondering in wild-eyed anticipation.

Plasti Dip, you see, makes a wonderful holiday gift! If you’ve got an avid crafter, tinkerer, or DIYer on your list, a container of Plasti Dip** is a perfect choice. I gave my dad a can of good old original Plasti Dip last year and he loved it. Before we even made it from gift opening in my parents’ living room to our hamtastic breakfast, he had a handful of ideas already planned out. When I talked to him about a week later, he had already blown through the entire can.***

Everybody’s got that one person on their gift-giving list for whom they never know what to get. Plasti Dip is so versatile that, if that one person has even a passing interest in, well, just about anything, it can fit the bill. He likes fishing? BOOM—Plasti Dip. She’s a mountaineer? BAM—Plasti Dip. This stuff has more across-the-board appeal than festively frosted sugar cookies.

Got a “white elephant” gift exchange on your holiday horizon? Plasti Dip is a superb selection here, as well. And, while it’s fun and unusual like that reindeer-shaped jelly bean dispenser you got last year, Plasti Dip is also actually useful, an unheard of turn of events that will shake the albino pachyderm tradition to its very foundation!

No matter what winter holiday you celebrate, a little Plasti Dip will help make it a happy one (a little eggnog doesn’t hurt, either). Check out PlastiDip.com for more information on all things Plasti Dip, and be sure to share your Plasti Dip holiday projects via Twitter, Facebook, and/or in the comments below.

From everyone at Plasti Dip International to all the Plasti Dippers out there, we hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday season. Fa-la-la-lala-la-Plasti Dip!****

* The official tally is currently at 1,178 uses, but “1,178 uses and counting” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.
** Or two, or three, or…You know what, just make it an even dozen.
*** Hence the above footnote.
**** Second worst holiday song ever? (“Last Christmas” by Wham is
THE worst.)

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