True Tales of Plasti Dip: The Moose is Loose!

Archery has always been popular in Plasti Dip International’s area of the country—we’re not far from Minnesota’s famed “North Woods” region, which is known for its excellent hunting. The runaway success of Brave and The Hunger Games, two movies that prominently feature archery, has helped make this particular outdoor activity increasingly popular all across the U.S. (and the world).

That being the case, and taking into account the nigh-endless craftiness of Plasti Dip users, it’s not surprising to see Plasti Dip at work in the realm of bow hunting. And therein lies our latest True Tale of Plasti Dip!

An avid archer named Scott, from right around our neck of the woods, was kind enough to share the story of his trusty, moose-shaped, foam rubber target. While he didn’t divulge any information on his hunting success, judging from the tight cluster of holes right in the sweet spot, it’s probably safe to say that a few of Bullwinkle’s relatives have been felled by Scott’s arrows.

After years of use and countless puncturings, ol’ Moosey was a little worse for wear. While the target did originally have a thin, rubbery coating not unlike Plasti Dip, most of it had worn away, leaving the foam rubber underneath exposed to the elements. Moisture—be it from rain, snow, or other—can wreak havoc on foam rubber, as anyone with even a tiny tear in the seat of their boat or riding mower can tell you.*

Fully aware of Plasti Dip’s moisture blocking abilities, Scott set out to repair his mighty moose. Using an untold volume of Plasti Dip, he gave his target a fresh, all-over coating. Though he didn’t specify, it looks as though he used Camo Brown for the body of the moose, and Camo Tan for its antlers.

The end result is a vast improvement, both aesthetically and functionally. From a distance, the rejuvenated target could probably even fool a real moose; without the copious holes in and sections missing from the coating, the target will hold up far better for years of further use. And, because Plasti Dip adheres to itself so well, any future repairs will be far quicker and easier. All Scott needs is another can or two and presto! Moosey’s good to go for another archery season.

Plasti Dip has scads of other archery uses, as well. You can use it to add a soft, easy-to-hold coating to the grip of your bow. You can use it to color code the shafts of your arrows for easy identification of different head types, lengths, weights, etc. If you have a bow case or quiver that regularly gets knocked around, a few coats of Plasti Dip will help protect it from abrasion and mild impact.

Do you have your own True Tale of Plasti Dip to share? Or an idea for a new, never-before-chronicled use for Plasti Dip? Let us know in the comments, via Twitter or Facebook, or simply contact us to share your story. We’d love to hear all about it (and scope out some pictures, too). Be sure to visit for more info on Plasti Dip and all our Performix Brand products.

Plasti Dip: Indirectly making the world somewhat more dangerous for wild game since 1972.

* If you have this or a similar problem, get yourself some Anything Foam to repair the cracks, gouges, and holes in your foam rubber. Then grab a tube of VLP to patch up the rip in the vinyl seat covering—no duct tape required!

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