True Tales of Plasti Dip: Moddin’ A Motorcycle

Join us friends, as it’s time once again for True Tales of Plasti Dip!

A Plasti Dip fan and motorbike enthusiast named Chris had always enjoyed cruising on his motorcycle, but wanted to give it’s paint job a more consistent look. He’d always been a big fan of powder coating, but, as a poor college student, simply couldn’t afford it. Powder coating can be very, very expensive.

After a bit of brainstorming, Chris came up with a brilliant alternative: Plasti Dip.

photo courtesy of Chris Adams

With just a few cans of black aerosol Plasti Dip, he was able to turn his already great looking red-and-black bike into a sleek, all-black beast. As you can see, he Plasti Dipped his gas tank, front and rear fenders, and other key components of his motorcycle to give it exceptional, all-over color. Plasti Dip’s unique texture almost perfectly mimics that of a matte powder coat finish (and at a fraction of the price).

Perhaps best of all, Plasti Dip is far easier to repair or redo than a powder coat paintjob. If Chris wants to make another change to the look of his bike, the Plasti Dip will peel off fairly easily. The original paint underneath will be in pristine, like-new condition* and ready to be Dipped again. Or, if the coating gets worn out, he can simply add a few fresh coats of Plasti Dip. Of course, it’s so durable that Chris might actually be able to afford powder coating by the time the Plasti Dip wears out on its own.

Given the complex and unique construction of even the most basic motorcycle models, there are literally** 78 billion other opportunities for Plasti Dipping. And why let motorized cycles have all the fun? Lots of people are avid bicyclists, and I know I’ve seen some pretty crazy custom bikes, so there’s ample opportunity for Plasti Dipping there, as well. You’ve probably got a few great ideas for Plasti Dip mods for your motor- or bicycle spinning in your head right now.

Let us know all about your sweet Plasti Dip cycle schemes in the comments, or share your success stories, photos, and videos via Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. We love to see the crafty creations Plasti Dip users cook up. And be sure to visit for more information on all of Plasti Dip International’s outstanding products.

* Or as close to new as it was when first Dipped.
** Well, not LITERALLY literally.

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2 Responses to True Tales of Plasti Dip: Moddin’ A Motorcycle

  1. Henry H. says:

    Just wanted to show you guys another master piece that your product has created. Before, my paint job was horrid and almost embarrassing to be seen riding around town. I decided to go with plasti dip as a temporary solution. It came out so good and was so simple that I decided to keep it black and I may go with a different color in the very near future! Thanks for an awesome product Plasti-Dip, you guys are miracle workers!!!

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