Murdered with Plasti Dip?

Now, of course we’d never condone actual murder, but with some Plasti Dip and a customizer’s eye, you can really “murder out” your ride.

Depending on the color scheme of your vehicle, you may be able to find a good match with one of Plasti Dip’s five ready-made colors (there are actually six different types available, but clear isn’t a color). Or, for truly unique colors, get yourself one of Plasti Dip International’s Create Your Color Kits and let your imagination run wild!

One of the most popular Plasti Dip projects for custom cars is colored wheels. All it takes is painter’s tape or some index cards around the edges (you probably don’t want to Plasti Dip your tires) and a few coats of Plasti Dip. The results can get pretty wild when true customizing mavens get to work.

Photo of Plasti Dipped Jeep Rims Courtesy of Jordy Dost at JD Customs

Another great idea is to coat the emblems, logos, and badging on your car. Cover them in complementary or contrasting colors of Plasti Dip for a subtle but eye-catching look. Depending on your car, this project could be a little more difficult than Plasti Dipping the wheels, but it should pose no real problems for an adept DIYer.

Other potential Plasti Dip customization areas of your car:

  • Door handles: You need to be careful with these, as you want to be sure they still function properly, but when done right they look pretty slick.
  • Exterior rear view mirrors: The housings, not the actual mirrors themselves (even clear Plasti Dip would be a bad idea there). Another subtle but sharp-looking possibility.
  • Grille and/or Front Bumper: This application is both fashionable and functional—your car’s front end will look great, and it’ll be protected from road debris.
  • Interior: There are ample Plasti Dipping opportunities inside your car. The steering wheel, the shifter, trim, various knobs and switches—the possibilities here are nearly limitless.
  • The whole dang car: It takes a lot of Plasti Dip, but it has been done.

Plasti Dip is great for customizing your car. It’s quicker, easier, and far less expensive than having a custom shop do it for you, and, unlike painting, powder coating, etc., if you don’t like the look, Plasti Dip will peel right off, leaving the paint, chrome, or whatever’s underneath unblemished.

What kinds of crazy car mods have you perpetrated with Plasti Dip? Let us know all about it in the comments—and if you’ve got photos, even better! Share them on our Twitter or Facebook page. We always like to hear about the inventive ways Plasti Dip fans use our product. Be sure to visit to learn more about all of Plasti Dip International’s wonderful products.

It won’t make your car faster, it won’t improve your gas mileage, but holy guacamole will Plasti Dip make your car look good!

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19 Responses to Murdered with Plasti Dip?

  1. Ben says:

    I Plasti Dipped my emblems, rims, and door handles red on my black car. It looks really good. I even did my Honda emblem on my steering wheel.

    • Plasti Dip Customer Service says:

      That’s awesome, Ben! We are so pleased that you are so satisfied with our product. Thanks for the comment!

    • Erik says:

      I tried to do my handles on my ’08 Tacoma, but i couldn’t reach the back of them, so the plastidip is peeling, any tips?

  2. Michael says:

    I sprayed my grille, front bumper, and back bumper on my Silverado and might I say, my truck looks mean. I hated the “chrome” or whatever Chevrolet puts on there, and Plasti Dip made my truck look 1000% better.

  3. Brent says:

    I orderd Black plasti dip, i plan to do some mods on my Full custom 350z THANKS for the worlds coolest product in a spray can!!!

  4. Andrew says:

    About to spruce up the interior of my RalliArt Lancer Sportback. Excited to have an all-black dash!

  5. Luis says:

    Wish you guys had this in a gun metal/gray color, I would apply this to my wheels.

  6. cody springer says:

    i recently did the bumpers,grill.emblems,mirrors,and wheels plus a few other small areas,door handels etc.on my 93 gmc jimmy and this is stuff is great never had a problem. plan to do alot more thanks plasti-dip ill recomend this product to everybody.

  7. JAMES says:

    Just did the emblems on my 2012 Charger it looks great and will do my front grill today. Just wondering is there a time frame in which it will begin to chip(if at all)??

  8. I have used Plasti-Dip on all of my vehicles – 2007 Honda Element (Rims, grille, badges, trim), 2012 Ducati M696 (trim), and my 2012 Honda CR-V (window trim, grille, badges) with great success. It has withstood high-pressure car washes, extreme Colorado weather and the test of time. Thanks for a great product.

  9. Chris Wright says:

    Just did the factory rims on my 2005 Scion XB. The car is a silver color and with the newly painted black rims it looks 1000 times better.

  10. martin says:

    Plasti dipped my chrome grill side signal lights and rear taillights.. thinking about doin my rims.

  11. Bobby says:

    Would love to see Plasti-Dip for engine components. I would love to paint my valve covers, and intake etc.. with this. Love it. Great product. Going to Plasti-Dip a whole Jeep Liberty in 3 months.

  12. JaelKQ says:

    simply dropping by to say hi

  13. Chrissy says:

    I ‘murdered-out’ my 2007 Black Tahoe LTZ….rims, grille, emblems, handles, mirrors, etc…looks sooo badass! Love the looks, especially when they see it’s a chic driving!

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