‘Dip Your Dishes

If you’re like me*,  you eat food. And, when eating, you probably use plates, forks, knives, cups, and other dishes. Since you use these dishes every day, you may want to church them up a little bit—no one wants to eat their breakfast cereal from a plain, boring, old bowl. “But,” you may say, “how would I accomplish such a thing? I’m no dishsmith.”

The answer is Plasti Dip, my friends. Plasti Dip.

With some well-done Plasti Dipping, you can give your dishes a splash of stylish color, as well as adding wear resistance and making them easier to grip. There are 1,001 ways you can ‘Dip your dishes and give them a whole new look.

One neat idea is to dip the handles of your flatware. Using the Create Your Color Kit, you can mix the perfect color (or colors) for your knives, forks, spoons, and other utensils. The colorful, easy-grip handles are great for your everyday flatware, but you can also ‘Dip another set and designate them as “Grilling Only” or for other special uses, or make a set for holidays (red-handled forks and green-handled spoons for Christmas, perhaps?), birthday parties, or any occasion.

Another great idea for ‘Dipping your dishes comes from Cubicle 57. Following blogger Beckie’s lead, you can make a set of unique coffee mugs by dipping them in the Plasti Dip color of your choice. Again, the Create Your Color Kit will let you mix complementary, or smartly contrasting, colors to give your morning coffee a much-needed scoop of style. You could even take the Cubicle 57 project a step farther and ‘Dip your saucers and the handle of your teapot to create your own one-of-a-kind tea/coffee service set.

Image Courtesy of Beckie Stravers cubicle57.wordpress.com

Plasti Dip is neither dishwasher nor microwave safe, so please keep that in mind when ‘Dipping your dishes. But, washing dishes by hand never hurt anyone, and there are plenty of other ways to heat things up, so no worries.

Take a look around your kitchen and you’ll likely have no problem finding plenty of dishes and utensils that would look excellent with the addition of a little Plasti Dip. In fact, it’s so easy and great looking, it may be hard to stop ‘Dipping stuff!

Don’t forget to visit PlastiDip.com. There, you can learn everything you wanted to know and more about all of Plasti Dip International’s outstanding home solution products. And with that, I’m off to the nearest Caribou—that fifth paragraph really put me in the mood for a cup of joe!

* Or pretty much any other living human being

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One Response to ‘Dip Your Dishes

  1. Glitchus says:

    I understand that Plasti Dip is not for use in a dishwasher or microwave, but is it safe for contact with foods or bevrages? I’d like to entirely dip a set of cups used for soups and beverages, both inside and out, but would there be any contamination of the foodstuff during contact with the cured coating?

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