How to Clean Plasti Dip

There are many great questions in the universe to which mankind has long sought the answer. Among them: What is the meaning of life? Who shot Mr. Burns? How does one clean Plasti Dip?

For the first two, the answers are fairly simple: 42 and Maggie Simpson, respectively.

For the third great question, however, there are several answers.

Before we go too much farther, I should specify that I’m referring to the cleaning of applied, cured Plasti Dip. To clean up Plasti Dip while you’re applying it, just wipe it up with a wet rag or paper towel.

Now, as with most everything, Plasti Dip gets dirty. Depending on what it is you Dipped, that marvelous DIY rubber coating may need regular cleaning. But, no matter how often you need to wash it, Plasti Dip—like any truly great consumer product—is easy to clean.

A little soapy water is usually enough to do the trick. Windex and other similar cleaners work great, too. Or, to get it really good and clean, try some Goo Gone—it’ll have your Plasti Dip shining like a new penny! Plasti Dip is pretty resilient stuff, so almost anything you’d usually use to clean similar materials should work fine.

Tough though it is, there are a few cleaning agents you should steer clear of when cleaning your Plasti Dip. Many thinners and solvents can and will damage Plasti Dip (though some thinners, like naphtha, can be used to mix up your own spray-on Plasti Dip solution). Gasoline will also damage dried Plasti Dip. Also, I really have no idea why anyone would want to use gasoline as a cleaner.

If you’ve found other safe and reliable ways to clean Plasti Dip let us know. We’d love to share your tips with all the other Plasti Dip fans out there. And, as always, be sure to visit for more information about original Plasti Dip and our other fine products.

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13 Responses to How to Clean Plasti Dip

  1. Matteo says:

    This blog is awesome!

  2. tracy a says:

    I have just found a tutorial on using your product to coat a mug (found here: and i totally intend to do it. I’m wondering if you have ever tried to dishwash or microwave anything that has been plasti-dipped? I’d love to know?!? Thanks!!

  3. Deb says:

    Hi Tracy, I’m glad you discovered us via Pinterest! We do not recommend that you put any Plasti Dipped items in the dishwasher or microwave. We suggest that you handwash only. Happy dipping and please let us know how your project turns out!

  4. Cassie says:

    I’m embarassed to admit that I live in Minnesota and only just discovered Plasti Dip via the Pinterest article above. This seems like such a great concept that could be used in lots of ways. Have you ever considered making a dishwasher/microwave/food safe version of Plasti Dip? This could be something new to explore! For example, coating the handles of pots and pans. Just a thought… Keep up the good work!

    Richfield, MN

    PS ~ I appreciate that, despite having a unique/niche product, you don’t take yourselves too seriously. You use words like “colorific” and the product demos with the enthusiastic Maynard G are informative without being dry. Yay!

    • Deb says:

      Hi Cassie,

      We are so glad you found us via the Pinterest article and thank you kindly for the lovely comment on our blog. As you probably noticed, we’re headquartered right up the road from you in Blaine.

      Unfortunately, it’s not chemically possible for us to make our Plasti Dip formulation microwave or dishwasher safe as it’s a rubberized coating. However, we thank you for the feedback and perhaps in the future we’ll consider such a product. As always, we love to hear from our fans. Please let us know if you have any great ideas or projects that you have used our products for.

      Thanks again! Do you think if we all start using the word, “colorific,” that it’ll eventually make its way to the dictionary?

  5. Anthony says:

    I love this stuff. works wonders!

  6. Zac says:

    Goo gone is the number one thing that will clean plastidip off of what it’s applied to. It doesn’t clean the plastidip it removes it

  7. Joseph says:

    I love plasti dip and I use it on my car a lot. I know there’s ways to get plasti dip a certain color my mixing other thinners and such. But I was wondering are we ever going to see more colors come out, like green, purple, pink n so on?

  8. scott says:

    this stuff is amazing i painted my wheels with it didnt even have to tape off the tire because it peals right off

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