Archery & Plasti Dip: Aim for the Best

Whether you use a rifle, a bow, or your bare hands like Ted Nugent, deer hunting is one of the great fall traditions. Deer hunters of all shapes and sizes are taking to the backwoods to try to bag themselves a trophy.

But before you hunt, be sure to practice your aim. You don’t want to spend big bucks at the sporting goods store only to have your arrows stuck through a tree!

For archery enthusiasts and bow hunters, life size archery targets and other foam targets are valuable resources. The problem is, these targets get peppered with arrow holes pretty fast. And, while those holes are a great way to show off your expert aim, they also damage the foam and leave it vulnerable to water and other environmental factors.

Replacing the target area plugs in your archery targets is expensive—a single plug can cost $50 or more. Instead of replacing them, you can quickly and easily refurbish your plugs with Plasti Dip spray. Just spray on a few coats after every practice session to weatherproof your targets and keep them firm and ready to go the next time out. Plasti Dip spray is an inexpensive fix and a simple way to greatly extend the life of your archery targets.

Plasti Dip works so well to seal and coat archery targets that some target manufacturers use our formulations to coat their full size deer targets and other archery targets straight from the factory.

There are plenty of other hunting and outdoors applications for Plasti Dip, as well. You can give the handgrip on your bow a coat for soft, comfortable grip. Spray Plasti Dip on the soles of your hunting boots for improved traction and better water resistance. You can even use it to coat the tailgate of your truck for a more comfortable seat when enjoying a hot cup of coffee to start the day or a cold beer to celebrate a successful hunt.

Now, we can’t say for sure that Plasti Dip will make you a better hunter, but it will make practicing with your bow easier and less expensive. And, more practice almost always leads to better results, so…

Be sure to visit for more information about original Plasti Dip and all of our superb products. Good luck out there, bow hunters!

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