Fantastic Floor Coverings with Super Grip

Super Grip is Plasti Dip International’s one-of-a-kind spray-on non-skid coating. If you’re familiar with our blog, you may remember how it saved me from tripping over the decorative rugs in my new home. But, adding skid-free magic to existing floor coverings is only the tip of the Super Grip iceberg.

For the crafty, Martha Stewart type, Super Grip can be used in creating fantastic floor coverings from scratch. A fun, interesting trend in DIY floor coverings is the linoleum floor cloth. These unique creations are similar to the canvas floor cloths that have been around for many years, but with an interesting twist: Instead of scrap canvas or sailcloth, you can use linoleum remnants to make your “rug.”

Making a linoleum floor cloth is a fun and relatively easy project that anyone can enjoy. After properly priming and preparing your linoleum, it can ultimately be painted in any color, pattern, or design you like. As a finishing touch, be sure to add Super Grip to the back to keep it firmly in place. You can find a step by step guide to creating your own linoleum floor cloth here.

A linoleum floor cloth is just one of many craft projects you can create using Plasti Dip International’s outstanding home solutions. What sort of crafty uses have you discovered? We’d love to hear from you—it’s always fun to see the new and inventive uses for our products that our customers are coming up with.

Be sure to visit to learn more about all of our terrific products. You’ll find a helpful FAQ section, “Where to Buy,” and much more.

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