Watch, Learn & Share Ideas on Plasti Dip’s YouTube Channel

Plasti Dip’s YouTube channel features several informative, entertaining videos directly from the good people at Plasti Dip. These videos, starring your friend and mine, Maynard G, are a great way to see many of Plasti Dip’s fine products in action.


There are so many uses for Plasti Dip’s products, there’s no way Plasti Dip’s “official” videos could cover them all, even with an army of Maynard G’s (there’s a scary thought).

Luckily, thanks to the magic of YouTube, Plasti Dip users are able to share their application ideas as well. Plasti Dip always enjoys seeing how crafty our fans can be with Plasti Dip products, and, when they share their projects online it’s even better! Some of our favorite user-generated Plasti Dip videos are linked on our YouTube channel.

One features a trio of Plasti Dippers using Plasti Dip spray to coat the rims of a Volkswagen Mk 5. Posted by YouTube user EvoAgentVIII, it shows how easy it is to give your wheels a whole new look.

A YouTube clip from DTOOLE55 features this Plasti Dip enthusiast giving the “black out” treatment to the rear bumper of his Chevy truck with spray-on Plasti Dip. As DTOOLE55 points out in his video, Plasti Dip is an inexpensive and easy way to “paint” your vehicle and give it slick, custom style.

Plasti Dip users are coming up with fantastic new ideas every day. What interesting, inventive, or fun Plasti Dip projects do you have to share? Show us what you’ve got on YouTube—we’d love to see your idea(s) in action.

For more information on all of our superb products, visit Then open up some Plasti Dip, fire up the video camera, and share your ideas with the world!

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