Our Plasti Dip home solution is available in both dip and spray varieties and, both types are available in a handful of ready-made colors. Our dip version of Plasti Dip is also available in the fantastic Create Your Color Kit, which lets you mix and match the included tints to create any color under the sun.

But what if you need both a custom color and spray-on application? No worries—with a Preval® Sprayer and an easy dilution formula, you can Create and Spray any color you need. Mix the Create Your Color kit into the desired color and dilute the Plasti Dip in a 1:1 ratio with some naphtha. Then, bust out your Preval® Sprayer and spray away!*

It really is that easy. Wait at least 30 minutes between coats and be sure to give your item a good once, twice, or thrice over—you can apply as many coats as you need. A minimum of four hours drying time is required before using the Plasti “SPRAYED” item.

Consult the Create Your Color Kit label for more information. Be sure to visit to learn about all our outstanding home solutions and the many splendid uses of Plasti Dip as well as find retailers near you so you can begin your Create and Spray project today.

*Both Preval® Sprayers and naphtha can be found in many paint and home improvement stores. (Often the very same ones that carry Plasti Dip—how convenient is that?)

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