Look! It’s the All-New LiquidTape.com

Plasti Dip International is always looking for new ways to bring our outstanding products to the world. Our latest move is a brand new website, www.liquidtape.com.

LiquidTape.com is dedicated solely to our Liquid Tape home solution. The website helps us promote our motto, “Unity in Quality,” and gives you helpful links to our Liquid Tape brand partners, Gardner Bender and Dorman Products, Inc. These two companies have joined forces with us to provide the superb quality of our Liquid Tape product across a variety of brand names.

To (broadly) paraphrase William Shakespeare, “Plasti Dip’s Liquid Tape by any other brand name would work as wonderfully.” These partners insist on providing you with the same high quality Liquid Tape we do. But be careful; there are plenty of other “liquid tapes” out there that don’t stack up to our Liquid Tape’s standard of excellence. Check out LiquidTape.com to see our “Unity in Quality” partners and insist on only the best.

At LiquidTape.com, you’ll also find an extensive list of retailers who carry one of the official brands of Liquid Tape. And, be sure to visit plastidip.com for more information about our other amazing home solutions.

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