Plasti Dip’s Anything Foam can Fix Your Foam Anything

Vinyl- and leather-covered foam makes for comfortable seating on motorcycles, boats, riding mowers, and in cars, and is also great for a wide array of other incredibly useful…um…uses. However, if you’ve ever found a crack, rip or gouge in your coated-foam seats, you know how hard it is to fix.

But no longer, thanks to one of Plasti Dip’s newest home solutions, our fabulous Anything Foam! With Anything Foam, repairing your damaged foam couldn’t be easier. All you need is a caulking gun, a flat-edged object (like a popsicle stick), and, of course, a tube of Anything Foam. Then, fill in the damaged area, wipe it smooth across the top, and wait for it to dry. Additional layers can be added if necessary, and, after curing overnight, your foam seat, sofa cushion, bar stool, surfboard, or whatever is good to go. No more less-than-ideal duct tape patches for you. No more hand-cut, ill-fitting foam replacement pieces necessary. With Anything Foam, it’ll be good as new in no time!

Watch this handy video starring Maynard G (“The Mix Master”) to see for yourself just how easy it is to use Anything Foam—if he can do it, anyone can. Then, visit our website to find a retailer or distributor near you. Get your own Anything Foam and you can fix your foam anything!

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